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Monday, November 19, 2012

Colors, colors, colors.

November has been all about colors! These preschoolers are pros when it comes to colors. I wanted this unit to be memorable, informative, and a way to reiterate what the students already know.

One of my favorite parts of the color unit is having each student (and the teachers J) dressed up for the color of the day. We are quite a sight to see as we walk through the hallway (Nothing like a swarm of 24 color coordinated 4 year olds to grab your attention.)

In addition to dressing up for the festivities the students have been bringing in some cut outs from magazines so we can create a “color collage” for each color that we learn more about. As a class we discuss familiar items that coordinate with our color of the day.

Another great activity that helps with color recognition is a little song we sing during circle time.

Sung to the tune of “The Muffin Man”
Can you find the color ________?
The color ________?
The color _________?
Can you find the color ________ in our classroom?

I created an “artist pallet” with “dollops of paint” the students each take turns walking around with the pallet and a paintbrush (**without any paint on it) and pretend to paint objects around the classroom.

And of course, we had some fun making color crafts each day. Here is a little look!
Red Lady Bugs

Orange slices

Yellow Hand print Suns

Green Eggs and Ham Day (I forgot to take a picture of our craft but here is a pic of one of the kiddos checking out our green eggs as they cooked.

Blue Whales

The crafts were a lot of fun to do and we still have two more colors day left! 

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Mrs. Winter 


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