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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friendship Week

Friendship Week
Friendship week is a wonderful week in preschool. Throughout the week as we did our daily activities I talked with the students about “what friendship looks like” and “how you can be a good friend.” I loved hearing their responses because no matter who you are, what you do, or what your age is, it is always refreshing to hear about the dynamics of friendship.

Here are some of the responses:
“Friendship is when you let someone else play with your favorite toy.”
“Sharing if someone else wants a toy you can pick a different toy.”
“ can get them a snack.”
“You can help your friends clean up even if you didn’t make the mess.”
“Friendship is a whole big family that has God in it.”
“Friendship goes in the middle of your kissing hand.”

We have some wise kiddos in our preschool class! For friendship week I tried to make each craft something that they could work on together. We made a friendship wreath, a friendship quilt, and friendship bracelets.

The friendship wreath is where I was able to talk to the students in smaller numbers about friendship and what it means to them. 

The friendship quilt was fun because the students each drew their own depiction of friendship. They were also able to see the quilt come together as I hung their pictures on the wall. We talked about team work a lot during this craft.

The friendship bracelets and necklaces were great for exercising the students small motor skills, counting skills, and color recognition.

Side note -I dyed the pasta at home and it was amazingly easy. Just 1 cup of noodles, toss in a bag with 1tablespoon of vinegar and then add a couple drops of food coloring and shake, shake, shake. Set it out to dry and it is as easy as that.

Thanks for checking in!

Mrs. Winter

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