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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October fun!

October Happenings’

The month of October has been keeping us busy busy busy. These past two weeks we have learned about our five senses, the season fall, and the letters R & S.

During “5 sense week” we explored everything around us using our senses. We made a “looking window”, a musical maraca, and some yummy homemade bread in a bread machine. In our looking window craft the students imagined their favorite thing to look at and the colored a picture accordingly. They added window panes and curtains to their picture. If was so fun to hear about all of the different response to “What is your favorite thing to look at?” The kiddos also LOVED the bread machine. There is a little window on top of the machine so the student we able to check in and watch as the bread was cooking. We talked about how we can use all 5 senses to describe our delicious bread.

“Fall Week” was also a blast. Fall is my favorite season on the year and I enjoyed getting to teach the students about it. We talked about all the fun seasonal activities, the changing colors of the leaves, and the changing weather. We also did some fun fall crafts. We painted fist pumpkins with stems and vines, we found some beautiful leaves outside and did some leaf rubbings, and we made a mosaic fall leaf with tissue paper.

We have been having lots of fun!We have also been working on our letters. Each week we  have our handwriting routines and spend time talking about the sound that the letter makes. Through out the week we brainstorm words that start with the corresponding letter so that we can fill up our "Word Wall." The kids have been learning at such a great pace and I am so proud of the gains that they have made. Way to go preschoolers!

Thanks for checking in! 
-Mrs. Winter 

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