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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Health and Hygine

Health and Hygiene

We are half way through flu season (Thank God Almighty) and have been spending a lot of time discussing health with the kids. Weve probably gone through a gallon of sanitizer but have been teaching the kids to cough and sneeze into their elbows. Along with teaching how to stop the spread of germs I talked with the students about ways that we can stay healthy. We discussed the combination of eating healthy and exercise. Exercise is a particular favorite of these busy bodied preschooler. (What I would do for ¼ of their energy)

One of the highlights from the week was a visit from a Doctor from a nearby Medical Center. The kids were able to discuss health with the Doctor and ask all kinds of health questions. They were shown a video about how to stop germs and stay healthy AND they got the chance to listen to their own heart beat on the stethoscope. Pretty cool if you ask me.

And naturally we had some precious and fun crafts for the week:

These crafts were tons of fun. (Although I cant take credit for the last one these were posted outside the kindergarten room and thought they were too cute to not share )

Well friends, I hope that you are staying healthy during this flu season.

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Mrs. Winter :) 

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