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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dental Health and Hygiene

Dental Health and Hygiene

I have always liked to closely follow up the health theme with dental health. Dental health is such an important topic at this age as the kids are slowly beginning to lose their baby teeth and their adult teeth grown in. Dental health week included whole group discussions on ways to take care of our teeth. The main educational goal of the week was to have the students memorize “The Four Ways to Keep Our Teeth Healthy.” 1. Brush your teeth every day 2.)Floss your teeth everyday 3. Eat fruits and vegetables and 4. Visit the dentist twice a year.
We also learned a new song about brushing our teeth - Sung to Oh my darling Clementine
 Brush your front teeth Brush your back teeth
Brush the bottom and the top
If you brush them each and everyday
Then your smile will never stop

We practiced brushing our teeth and sent the kids home with a new tooth brush at the end of the week. And we are very excited to get a visit from Dentist this up coming week. Here is a little look at the crafts we made during dental health week. 

A mouth made with marshmallows

A jumbo tooth brush - complete with bristles and tooth paste.

A tooth painting - painted with a tooth brush

That is a little look at our Dental Health Week. Hope you enjoyed!

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