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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day
I love Valentine’s Day! Some have said that it is just a “Hallmark Holiday” but I think it is a great opportunity to just celebrate love!
The theme in our classroom the week of Valentine’s Day was love. We has many discussions about what and who we love, who loves us, and of course, God’s love. I loved these discussions because the students have such a beautiful understanding of what love is. They shared with the class who they love and what love means to the, which is something you could never get adults to do. They were very open about loving their families, their friends, and even loving school.

During the week we sang “Our Valentine’s Song”
Will you be my valentine, valentine, valentine?
Will you be my valentine?
I love you!
Yes I’ll be your valentine, valentine, valentine.
Yes, I’ll be your valentine.
 I love you!

We also made some lovely valentines crafts to celebrate a great week!

Our "Hugging Hearts!

Sweet little “Love Bugs.”

 “Jesus loves me” Hat

I hope you has a splendid Valentine's Day!
Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Winter

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